Top Reasons Why Regular Asbestos Testing is Essential for Your Auckland Property

Top Reasons Why Regular Asbestos Testing is Essential for Your Auckland Property

In recent years, society has become more aware of the dangers of asbestos. This group of six naturally occurring minerals with long, thin fibres is extremely versatile and hazardous to human health.

Prior to the 1990s, asbestos was frequently used in the construction industry. It is inexpensive and has a number of useful qualities, including impressive strength, a high tolerance against tension, and good sound absorption properties. It is also resistant to heat, fire and electricity. For these reasons, it was once in great demand and frequent use.

The downside? It can cause severe health issues and even has the potential to be lethal. According to Worksafe, asbestos is the single biggest cause of death from work-related diseases in New Zealand, with approximately 220 people dying each year. And even though it is no longer used in modern construction, it remains a problem. 

Due to the age and deterioration of many existing properties and the high volume of construction work being conducted, builders are still at risk today. 

I think I Have Asbestos On My Property – What Now?

Do you think your property may contain asbestos? Could your residential or commercial building, or the grounds on which they sit, contain this harmful substance? You should consider building and soil testing immediately if you have any concerns. 

It’s important to approach potential asbestos exposure with caution. However, try not to panic—Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) are only dangerous if their integrity is compromised, for example, when a building is damaged. 

But while you may not be in immediate danger, it is vital you have your property tested to prevent the possibility of future incidents when damage inevitably occurs. In other words, testing for asbestos and removing it is the only way to ensure you, your employees, and visitors to your home or workplace can avoid exposure in years to come. 

Choosing Asbestos Experts

The first step in the asbestos testing process is to find a trusted company to perform the job. As this is a high-risk activity, it is crucial that you hire trained professionals who know what they are doing. Asbestos surveyors must have sufficient qualifications to adequately and safely sample and identify asbestos. However, you also want someone with a deep knowledge of the industry and enough experience to give you confidence in their work. 

At Consultex Lab, we pride ourselves on our skill and attention to detail. We follow stringent safety measures and use a quality management system to ensure all jobs are executed to the highest standards. You can trust our trained surveyors and IANZ-accredited lab technicians to deliver a swift, thorough service with same-day results possible. Don’t put your health and the health of those you love at risk. Get the answers you need now.

What Does Asbestos Testing Involve?

When we perform building or soil testing, we inspect your site and identify any potential ACM that might be disturbed by renovations or construction work. Our team then carefully collects physical samples and transports them to one of our many laboratories for bulk analysis. This process is the best way to determine whether or not asbestos is present rapidly. 

Our dedicated lab technicians use a technique called Polarized Light Microscopy to test the samples and identify the volume and type of asbestos present. After this, we will complete a detailed, personalised report with our advice for asbestos management. This could include recommendations such as on-site asbestos measuring, the use of PPE, or professional surveillance. 

We conduct the following types of testing to cater to all your needs:  

  • Air testing
  • Soil testing 
  • Building materials testing (such as insulation or gib)
  • Surface testing
  • Dust testing

If you are looking for efficient, quality outcomes, look no further than Consultex Labs. 

Why Test For Asbestos Regularly? 

Even if you have had asbestos testing done in the past, it is a good idea to engage in regular testing for your safety. Regular monitoring gives you the best chance to catch asbestos and protect those occupying your property. We can perform quick, consistent tests to inspect your buildings, grounds, and air quality and ensure your environment contains minimal—or no—contaminants.   

If you are refurbishing, upgrading, or demolishing a building in New Zealand, you legally must have your site inspected. Local Asbestos Regulations state that all non-domestic buildings undergoing refurbishment or demolition must be surveyed, and if asbestos is found and likely to be disturbed during construction, it must be removed before the work commences.

Ensure Your Property Is Safe Today

Consultex Lab is the expert when it comes to asbestos testing in Auckland. We take care of all processes, from air sampling to a full analysis in the laboratory, to ensure you and your valued staff are safe at your place of work. 

We service the Auckland region and provide asbestos sampling and soil testing throughout Northland, Waikato, Nelson, and Dunedin. With extensive resources and a genuine passion for contributing to healthy workplaces, you can trust us to get the job done.

 Contact us to resolve your asbestos problems now. 

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