Presence Absence Asbestos Soil Testing

Asbestos Soil Testing

Presence/Absence Asbestos Testing in Soil

For a period of time, asbestos was a very commonly used building material in the New Zealand construction industry. With this prevalent past use, asbestos is still very much present in the construction landscape – including in the soil.

Old concrete foundations, decayed insulation, or discarded building supplies might be hiding beneath the surface of your site, and as they decay, asbestos may be released. This contaminates the soil, presenting a big risk to your and your crew’s health.

It’s essential to test at-risk sites for the presence of this hazardous material. Whether you’re proactively testing before breaking ground or have already found signs of asbestos on-site, Consultex Laboratories can help verify the presence or absence of asbestos in your soil.

What is asbestos soil testing?

Much like testing air or building materials, asbestos soil testing involves taking a soil sample from a designated spot and checking it for the presence of asbestos.

Our team begins by sampling 100 ml of your on-site soil using approved HAZMAT safety methods. From there, we send the sample to our independent lab to be tested by our team of technicians. The test is a simple presence/absence test, letting you know whether asbestos is present on-site.

This testing process allows us to guarantee a tight turnaround. If asbestos is found, we can work with you quickly to test the soil further to determine the type and the level of hazard potential.

Please note that this service falls under our in-house, unaccredited method.

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Why Choose Consultex Labs


Asbestos is a hazardous material that demands accurate results. Our independent team of technicians is incredibly reliable, ensuring you know what you’re working with.


Practicality is a must. Whether you’re breaking ground or need to test your commercial or residential property, the Consultex Labs team works with you to find the most pragmatic testing solution.


Tight turnarounds allow you to get moving quicker. Know what you’re dealing with to minimise stress and overloaded deadlines. We can help you make a plan for efficient next steps.


Why is asbestos soil testing necessary?

Asbestos fibres in soil can pose serious health risks if disturbed, so it’s vital to detect their presence where possible. Asbestos soil testing helps minimise contamination and will allow you to implement proper management strategies should asbestos be detected.

How is asbestos soil testing conducted?

IANZ-accredited technicians from our team collect soil samples from the site and then send them to the lab to be tested for fibres using microscopy techniques. The results provide a simple present/absent diagnosis, with further information accessible via more in-depth testing.

What are the potential health risks associated with asbestos in soil?

Exposure to asbestos in soil poses several serious health risks when disturbed. Once fibres are released into the air, they can be inhaled and cause serious respiratory health issues. Regular monitoring and testing is required to minimise this possibility.

Reach out to the experts in presence/absence soil testing.

Consultex Labs has a team of sampling and testing experts ready to verify if your site is safe. Know as quickly as possible if you have asbestos on-site.

Get in touch with our team to book your sample today.

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