Asbestos Fibre Counting

Asbestos Fibre Counting

Air Samples

Air sampling involves a known quantity of air being drawn through a membrane filter, catching any airborne fibres on the filter in the process. This test is typically used for monitoring health and safety on building and demolition sites where asbestos containing materials are known to be present, and samples can be processed urgently (within 2-4 hours of arrival at the laboratory*) with prior arrangement for clearance or background requirements.

Why use us? 

  • NZ Owned and Operated
  • Same Day Service (Conditions Apply)
  • Fully Trained Analysts
  • Competitive Rates

Sample delivery

We provide a sample pick up service nationwide for fast turnaround of your results. Contact us to arrange this service.

If you are sending us a sample, please ensure;

  • Labelled correctly
  • Either a submission form or details provided
  • Couriered to our Auckland or Dunedin labs 
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